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A SUPPORTED LIFE is a life that is rich in qualities a person most desires, and one which shows how connected we all are to each other.

A life which:
  • grows from a person's own choices, desires and dreams;
  • is not controlled by what kind of services are currently available;
  • goes beyond just meeting a person's basic needs, to reaching a rich quality of life;
  • includes all areas of a person's life;
  • is always changing throughout a person's life;
  • is the kind of life we all want and is not unique to people who happen to have disabilities.

THANK YOU to our Supported Life 2022 SPONSORS!


36th Annual Supported Life Conference


Re-Emergence: Community, Work, Arts, Play

October 13-14, 2022

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

Sacramento, CA 95841



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Nancy Bargmann PowerPoint and Links


DoubleTree Hotel Reservations:
Call 800-686-3775 Ask for Group Code “SLI”
OR use the Conference Rate Reservation Link




2022 Statewide Self Advocacy Conference
Has Gone Hybrid!

That Means some attendees come In-Person & all others will attend Virtually.

May 27-28, 2022

Sacramento DoubleTree Hotel

Self Advocacy 2022 Save-The-Date Postcard

Program, Registration and Hotel (PDF)

Program, Registration and Hotel (TEXT ONLY)

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Join us for a
Supported Life Institute

In-Person plus Virtual

1-Day Conference

Thursday, February 3, 2022

at the Sacramento Doubletree Hotel

Look for information soon on this event, including details on times, pricing, speakers and topics!


We appreciate the generous support of our early sponsors:

Trust Management Services

          California Department of Developmental Disabilities

      New Directions

Tom & Sonia Faletti

Stephen Faletti

Sharon Perry and Steve Hereford


Conference Brochure (PDF)

Conference Brochure (text only)

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Late-Addition Bonus Presentation!

Speaker Emails and Other Resources

We Appreciate Each one of you who Participated in our 7/29/2021 Supported Life 1-Day Virtual Workshop

This will surely come as no surprise to you. With the continued public health conditions, we are sadly not able to have the in-person October Conference we had hoped to have. Keep working for Inclusion for All. We hope you are taking every opportunity to safeguard your health and the health of your families. This will help make it possible to have in-person Conferences like Supported Life again soon...

Please look ahead to early February 2022 as we plan for a Supported Life in-person or hybrid opportunity. Stay tuned!

Join us for a
Supported Life Institute 1-Day Virtual Workshop

balance scale

Finding Balance

Thursday, July 29, 2021
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Keynote - Nancy Bargmann
Director, California Department of Developmental Services
"Finding Balance: A Statewide Perspective"

Keynote - Michael Smull
Support Development Associates, Annapolis, Maryland
Director, California Department of Developmental Services
"Person Centered Planning"

Peter Leidy
Meaningful Selections on Finding Balance

"I Am Enough: Loving Myself before Finding Love from Others"
-Raúl Muñoz, East Los Angeles, California

"The Post Pandemic Workplace: Incorporating Mental Wellbeing and Self-Care"
-StarPointe Consulting, Carmichael, California


Registration Fees

Early Bird $99 by 7/12/21
Regular $125 after 7/12/21


Speaker Emails & More Resources

Keynote Session Titles / Descriptions (PDF)

SL Workshop - Postcard to Download and Share (PDF)

SL Workshop - Postcard to Download and Share (TEXT ONLY)


  Online Registration



The 2021 Statewide
Self Advocacy Conference
Has Gone Virtual!
May 7, 2021




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Thank you to over 165 registrants participating!

We appreciated such wonderful speakers,
sponsors, and exhibitors.

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If you don’t receive it,

Join us for our First-Ever
Supported Life 1-Day Virtual Workshop


Quality Services in a Time of Emergency

Thursday, October 22, 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Keynote - Nancy Bargmann
Director, California Department of Developmental Disabilities

Peter Leidy
Uplifting Song Selections for a difficult time

Keynote -Tony Anderson
Executive Director, Valley Mountain Regional Center
“Why We Are Still Thriving During a Global Pandemic”

Laura Larson, SCDD North Coast and Sarah May, SCDD North State
“Staying Alive! Meaningful Connections During the Time of COVID-19”

Jacquie Dillard-Foss
STEP - Strategies to Empower People
“Supporting People: Amidst Shifting Routines & Increased Isolation”

California APSE Board of Directors
“Reinventing, Reimagining, Redesigning Services in a COVID World”


Registration Fees

Early Bird $85 by 9/30/20
Regular $110 by 10/12/20
Late $130 after 10/12/20


Thank you to our generous Sponsors, even in the tough times:

Trust Management Services

Easter Seals of Southern California          California Department of Developmental Disabilities
Disability Rights California      Sacramento Municipal Utility District

George F. Kelso Foundation

Stephen Faletti

SEIU CA DD Council

Trips Inc

Steve Hereford and Sharon Perry

Shanna Baggaley

Clair & Tiffany Urness

Tom & Sonia Faletti


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Speaker Emails & More Resources


SL Workshop - Postcard to Download and Share

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  Online Registration 


33rd Annual Supported Life Conference


“Opening Doors to Diversity:
Cultivate... Participate... Celebrate”

October 10-11, 2019

Thanks for increasing numbers of you
- nearly 400 this year -
participating !
We appreciated the 4 great Keynotes
and so many wonderful session speakers.

Follow-up from Conference Session!

Crowne Plaza Hotel

5321 Date Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841

36 Sessions
Covering 9 Topic Areas

  • Communication/AAC
  • Diversity
  • Family Supports/Transition
  • Employment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Living/Community
  • Organizational/Staff Development
  • Personal Power & Rights
  • Schools



Nancy Bargmann
Director, California Department of Developmental Services

Leroy F. Moore, Jr.
Poet, activist, author who writes, lectures and performs about race and disabiity issues

Kristin Wright
California State Director of Special Education

Laurie Rodriguez
Director of Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Inclusive audience:  mixture of about 2/3 professionals and 1/3 self-advocates and family members


Registration Brochure (PDF)

Registration Brochure (Text)


Session Descriptions (Text)

New! Exhibitors (Text)



24th Annual Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference

“Build Your Own Toolbox for Self-Advocacy”


Statewide Sponsors

Disability Rights California
Easter Seals Southern California
George F. Kelso Library
SCDD Sacramento Office
SEIU CA Dev. Disabilities Council

~Western States Invited!~

Friday and Saturday, May 3rd & 4th, 2019

Crowne Plaza Hotel
5321 Date Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841


Program / Sessions   •  Registration

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Communication Technology Education Center

Find out more about the Self-Advocacy Coordination Project

Supported Life Institute
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